PB Swiss Tools ข้อต่อไขควง PB  470 M
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PB Swiss Tools ข้อต่อไขควง PB 470 M

BikeTool: Pocket Tool with 9 screwdriving tools and two tire levers

  • 11-in-1 tool as an indispensable companion when out cycling
  • 101 mm long and only 91 g, easily fits in any saddle bag
  • stainless steel adapter for combining key L-wrenches and bits for practical screwdriving tools
  • tire levers made of fiberglass reinforced plastic, robust and resistant
  • attractive presentation with all 6 available colors in the POS display, promotes sales
for slotted screwsfor Phillips screwsfor Torx® screwsfor internal hexagons mm
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