SUMO เครื่องตัดแก๊สตามราง (พลาสม่า) รุ่น KI-12 MAX3-P
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18 พฤษภาคม 2564

ผู้ชม 29 ผู้ชม

Unique drive system Allows infinite speed range adjustment using constant speed motor.



เครื่องตัดแก๊สตามราง (พลาสม่า) รุ่น KI-12 MAX3-P SUMO

Oxy-Fuel Cutter (Plasma) Model KI-12 MAX3-P SUMO








  • Unique drive system Allows infinite speed range adjustment using constant speed motor.
  • Versatility and convertibility All types of straight line, circle, and bevel cutting.
  • Quality cutting Use Sumo style taper seat type oxy-fuel cutting tips and torch with uniquely accurate, unequaled performance in cutting clean, and sharp edges.
  • Circle cutting Adjustable radius bar for circle cutting.
  • High speed mode 240~2,400mm/min at 50 Hz and or 300~3,000mm/min (12"~118") at 60 Hz is available.



Travelling carriage


  • Not affected by intense heat and fluctuating voltage, the maximun driving mechanism ensures steady travelling. Speed Control Mechanism of KC-12 MAX has adopted an exclusive Double Cone Stepless Speed control system (See the drawing), which functions with a condendor motor rotating at regular speed to prevent heat and voltage problems from occurring. No reduction gear is employed in the mechanism. Therefore, any knocking from backlash, noise or vibration does not take place. With entire use of heat-resisting grease, high temperature slodering and teflon wiring, heat protection is considered perfect and durable for long continuous operation, In prolongs the service life of bearings and maintains the "maximum state" for a long period of time.




Optional accessories


  • Straight rail Each track of 1.8 (72") long is extensible to the requirement.
  • Circle cutting attachment Recommended for cutting circles of large diameter: Ø50~2,400 mm
  • Circle cutting rail Recommended for cutting circles of comparatively large daimeter. 
  • Cutting Range: Ø40~460 mm and  Ø1,150~2,400 mm



Multiple-torch option


  • Pipe arm (Long type 1,000mm)
  • Parallel cutting of wide products can be made with multiple torches



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